Tantric Necklaces

The geometric pattern and numerology of the Tantric Necklace is an ancient divinatory technology that energetically protects the wearer and enhances their projection and intuition. These sacred crystal necklaces open the upper chakras, amplify the radiant body, and enhance one’s connection to the collective consciousness.


Amethyst, Jade, Gold

This Tantric Necklaces helps you develop intuition, opens the crown chakra and amplifies the radiant body.  



Blue Aventurine Pink Aventurine, Silver

Opens an understanding of life alternatives, removing obstacles, is calming, and opens the heart and upper chakras



Grey Agate, Quartz, Silver

Grounding, balances yin/yang energy, provides courage, protection, harmony and calmness


Tigers Eye, Garnet, Pink Aventurine, Gold

Protection, stabalizing, grounding, enhances integrity, self confidence, will power, victory, helps move through obstacles



Amazonite, Pearl, Gold

This Tantric Necklace helps you speak your truth, is grounding, and amplifies the radiant body 



Pink Aventurine, Emperor Blue Jasper, Silver

Opens an understanding of life alternatives, boosts wellbeing, anti stress, helps you speak the truth


Amethyst, Blue Lace Agate, Quartz, Silver

Activates intuition and connection to angels, opens upper chakras, promotes calmness and peace



Rose Quartz, Jade, Gold

This Tantric Necklace opens the heart chakra to love and harmony, and amplifies the radiant body.



Dragon Blood Jade, Quartz, Silver

Enhances life force energy, courage, strength and vitality


Black Onyx, Jade, Quartz, Silver

Good for protection, decision making, peace, luck, releases negative emotions



Custom Tantric Necklaces and repairs also available.

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