Jackie has brought me the most detailed and accurate information I have ever received during a channeling. Not only was it extremely clear and on point, it was also crucial for me to hear it when I did, as things she told me were ready to happen, started to do so just literally three days after our session. Jackie also gave me wonderful tools to work with and I am very grateful that our paths crossed. I can only highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking clarity about their life’s purpose. She’s excellent!
— Corinna Springer, Nouveau Healing & Public Relations, New York, NY
Jackie is the most pure and angelic person I have ever met. She has an ease and gentle way about her. My time with Jackie was such a gift and I feel so much gratitude that I have met her! I felt lighter, happier and more present after our session. Not only did my heart and soul feel cleansed but so did my body! I would definitely recommend her to anyone feeling a bit lost or stuck on their journey. She has made me take a breath and open my eyes wider to my destiny. An amazing, amazing experience!!!
— Andrea Bandazien, Wyckoff, New Jersey
Firstly Jackie created a nurturing, safe and sacred environment, which I was so grateful for as I had no previous experience of channeling and no idea what to expect. My session came at a time of huge shifts in my life involving the city I lived in, my romantic relationship and all that I had been building career wise. I was paralyzed with resistance and fear. The truth that came through Jackie helped me take the steps I needed to despite the vastness of unknowns. This guidance powerfully reassured me to trust in the rich and rewarding world I was so close to experiencing. Within a couple of months that world is my reality. It hasn’t all been easy and of course there is still resistance at times and a long journey ahead, but I look around today and can see what had been vividly painted in our session. All aspects of my life that I was clinging to terrified of changing, are in such healthier and more fulfilling places and I am more at peace. Many words Jackie delivered still play like mantras for me and continue to help me build a deeply connected life. Thank you Jackie for your gift and the grace and humility with which you deliver it. I know that anyone who sees you is paving the way for a bright and blissful future.
— Julia Atkinson, Yoga Teacher, Florida
I’ve had two readings with Jackie and both were amazing. I was given very detailed and specific direction on my children’s picture book project that is intended to inspire children to follow their hearts and do what they love. I have been working on this project for quite some time and have had a lot of blocks, mostly my own fears and doubts. The information that was downloaded gave me the confidence and strength to push forward and break through these obstacles. Jackie’s readings also provided many insights in to family and relational dynamics at play in my life. I have become more focused and dedicated to my soul’s purpose through these readings. I will continue to have future readings with Jackie and I highly recommend her work.
— Mikey Bondoc, Creator, author and illustrator of The Radventures of Radimus Platypus, New York, NY
I am a healer myself, and part of a network of very discerning healers. Jackie came exquisitely recommended to me from my own incredible teacher who was helped tremendously by her. And she was everything that was described to me: entirely the real deal. Jackie’s channelling and intuition are clear, precise, without static, and with gifted translation and interpretation. She is also extremely professional and uplifting to be around. Anyone seeking to clarify their own destiny– start here! Her gifts abound and I’m so grateful for the joyful vision it’s allowed me to open of my own life.
— Anonymous, New York, NY
This was one of the most important experiences of my life. I can not explain to you how amazing it is what you do for people Jackie. What you do is just pure love, what you give to people is immeasurable. You give life back. And open so much.
— Ekaterina Pylova, New York, NY