Jackie O'Shea is an intuitive channel and healer, who radiates a calm and soothing presence. Jackie helps others to gain clarity and move through life's obstacles by aligning them with intuitive wisdom from their higher selves. She connects to angels and people's personal guides in order to help them gain clarity on their current circumstances and move into alignment with their highest wisdom and inner knowing. 

She left behind a career in investment banking in order to pursue her life's work of transmitting divine energy and helping to awaken consciousness on earth. Her multidimensional awarness allows her to activate others' energy bodies  so that they can embody and transmit the energy of their soul. She feels a connection to the universal consciousness that pervades all things, and allows her actions to come from a place of universal connection. 


Intuitive Guidance

Receive channeled intuitive guidance from your angels and higher self to help you move through life's obstacles and gain a sense of clarity on your path forward. Align with a sense of higher purpose in your work, move through obstacles in your relationships, and gain clarity and guidance on all of your questions.  $300 per 2 hour session.


Reiki Universal Energy Healing

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing. Utilizing universal life force energy we restore the emotional, physical, and energetic bodies to wholeness, allowing for our natural healing tendencies to take place, while feeling a sense of calmness and peace. $70-100 per hour for distance sessions.


Tantric Necklaces

Utilizing sacred geometry and numerology these crystal necklaces hold the frequencies for living in a new dimension on earth. They protect the auric field, open the crown and third eye chakras, and give one an experience of universal consciousness.