Jackie O'Shea is a heart-centered transformational leader that empowers change makers across the globe to unite in their vision of collective harmony and enlightened society on earth. 

It’s clear the old ways are no longer working, and it’s time for a revolution in consciousness and societal forms. The good news is we can live in a world of peace, love, compassion and harmony. To do so we need to rise up and unite by taking courageous action toward our higher goals and dreams.

Jackie’s mission is to create a more enlightened conscious society through helping individuals experience a sense of universal connection as one soul expressed in many different bodies, and by elevating the energetic grid of the planet.


Unity Conciousness Meditation

All vibrating in oneness at the same state of consciousness, transported through the wave, the mind wave, through sound, into unison, into oneness, on the same vibration together again, not our separate parts any longer. Jackie utilizes breath work and modalities from multiple spiritual traditions to give an experience of expanded unity consciousness, bringing people together into a state of unison, one consciousness, one vibration elevated toward the light of higher knowing.


Reiki Universal Energy Healing

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. Utilizing universal life force energy we restore the emotional, physical, and energetic bodies to wholeness, allowing for our natural healing tendencies to take place, while feeling a sense of calmness and peace. $150 per hour. 


Tantric Necklaces

Utilizing sacred geometry and numerology these crystal necklaces hold the frequencies for living in a new dimension on earth. They open the upper chakras, amplify the radiant body, and give one an experience of universal consciousness.